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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Code: LA01 Ladies Accessories - Yellowfur

Origin : Malaysia
Description : Yellow fury surface
Conditions : Used 0, small defect on side, 8/10
Price: RM15
Status: Available

Code: LA02 Ladies Accessories - Guess

Origin : Bandung
Description : Very large, suitable for short trip.
Conditions : Used 0, very good condition, 10/10
Price: RM30 (Purchased RM120)

Code: LA03 Ladies Accessories - Golden scarf

Origin : Bangkok
Description : Elegant & sophisticated
Conditions : Used 1, very good condition, 10/10
Price: RM8  
Status: Available

Code: LA04 Ladies Accessories - Prada

Origin : Bangkok
Description : Leather black
Conditions : Used 0, very good condition, 10/10
Price: RM15 
Status: Sold

Code: LA05 Ladies Accessories - Blue

Origin : Bangkok
Description : Blue
Conditions : Used 2, very good condition, 9/10
Price: RM10 
Status: Available
* Scarf excluded

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